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Chambers Ireland is the largest Irish business network, with a geographic reach and membership base that spans cities, towns, and communities nationwide.

Our member are in every region and economic sector, we are uniquely positioned to represent the views of businesses and understand their concerns. We realise the vital role that the business community plays in adopting and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Ireland, and we support businesses’ commitments to achieving the Goals in every sector.

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We Achieved

Our success


Founded in 1923, almost a century dedicated to Irish business


10,000+ Businesses


Policy Submissions in 2021


Member Chambers


Annual National Events


Lobbying Returns Filed in 2021

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How We Can Help

Our member chambers are at the heart of their local business communities. They work closely with all of their stakeholders to help the local business environment to thrive for everyone doing business in it. Our chambers are also excellent places to network with your local business leaders helping your business find opportunities and helping you to expand your clients.

We have training networks across the country to help you and your employees to develop your skills and talent — ensuring that you can learn from the best to become the best. We also represent our members locally and nationally on shared policy interests and goals.

Businesses We Represent

Businesses of all types are members of chambers — from the very largest to the smallest, and across all sectors. Our chambers are focused on the needs of their city, town or county and engage with everyone who is open to business. A thriving business environment needs to have a diversity of industries and businesses at different stages of development if it is to be robust and adaptable in our increasingly ‘shock-prone’ world.

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Priorities for Business

In January 2023 our network identified three primary concerns for businesses across Ireland.



talent search

Skills & Talent

solar energy


As the year has progressed, the impact of each of these issues
has been amplified by the Russian War.

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We Work Together

Our network comes together to lobby government on their shared challenges. This ensures that the challenges which businesses face are heard throughout the country and that every politician, Oireachtas member, and official understands how they are affecting businesses in their region.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an ambitious set of targets adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 that provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

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