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Climate Ready

Climate Ready is a five-year, national initiative developed in partnership with industry to equip Irish businesses with the skills they need to respond to climate change.

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Developed by Skillnet Ireland to support the government’s Climate Action Plan and the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill, Climate Ready supports businesses to develop the practical skills and knowledge they need to adapt to the climate challenge and maximise the opportunities presented by the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Chambers Ireland has partnered with Skillnet Ireland on Climate Ready

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Support over companies


Workers throughout Ireland in its first year.

Leveraging Skillnet Ireland’s experience in delivering workforce and management development to 18,000 businesses annually, Climate Ready offers several pathways for businesses to build sustainable operating models and develop green talent.

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The Core Elements of the Initiative are


Climate Ready Academy

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A suite of practical and specialised learning supports for businesses in the areas of climate action and sustainability.

The Core Elements of the Initiative are


Climate Ready Cluster

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A dynamic group of Skillnet Business Networks delivering substantial expertise for Irish businesses in renewable energy and green technology; environmental, water and energy management; and sustainable finance.

The Core Elements of the Initiative are


Climate Ready Insights

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A centralised platform dedicated to helping businesses advance their thinking around sustainable practices and climate change. For more information, visit

For more information,
visit Climate Ready website

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